About Us

Superior Holiday Lighting is a Saskatchewan-based company which offers professional supply and installation of holiday lights and decorations in the Regina, Saskatoon, and Moose Jaw areas.  It all began in 2009, with two brothers in Regina.  The company experienced increasing popularity and success in Regina, Moose Jaw, and expanded with commercial clients in Saskatoon.  In 2015, they brought their childhood friend on board to expand full services in Saskatoon, knowing that he would bring the same level of professionalism and care that would preserve the Superior Holiday Lighting reputation.

Why lights?

First of all, we love Christmas and had warm memories of picking out our lights each year lighten up our home every Christmas season. As years went on and we started our own families, we heard more and more stories of people seriously injuring themselves trying to create the perfect light display.  We realized we had the know-how and the equipment to help people create the perfect display without risking injury.

Also, as the world changed and became more environmentally conscious, so did we.  We noticed that Christmas lights ate up a lot of power.  As we began to research LED lights, we noticed that most of them were of poor quality and did not look like old-style Christmas Lights.  We also found that if one bulb went out on these lights the whole strand had to be replaced, which is costly and compounds the environmental impact.  We eventually discovered commercial-grade bulbs are much better for the environment and can be replaced individually.

We also realized that we could offer a safe and environmentally friendly service AND take all the hassle away for the home or business owner.  And so, Superior Holiday Lighting was born.

Our lights are commercial grade LED lights are an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional Christmas lights. Each 25-foot strand uses only 8.75 watts of power, which translates in up to a 98% saving on your power bill. Better for the environment and easier on your wallet is a winning combination!

Because each strand of lights uses such a small amount of power, up to 300 linear feet of lights may be run on one single power outlet. This allows us to do large custom displays, but not tie up numerous breakers on your power box. No fire hazards!

Our fully-insured, courteous staff will supply you with the best lights and service available on the market today, ensuring your Christmas display will stand out from the rest. We also give you peace of mind knowing that your satisfaction is guaranteed and we will work with you to ensure your Christmas display meets your expectations and budget.

Let us make your busy holiday season less stressful by installing your Christmas lights and decorations. You don’t have to worry about climbing on ladders, cold weather, shopping, or getting injured. Take back the time and frustration of hanging your lights before Christmas and removing them after Christmas.

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