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Are you licensed and insured?

Yes we carry $2 million liability and worker’s compensation insurance. We also hold valid business licenses.

How much does it cost to have my Christmas lights installed?

Please see our page on pricing here. 

Do you take down the lights after Christmas?

Yes! We will ensure the safe removal of your lights after the holiday season. Removal service will begin based on weather.  Lights cannot be removed at temperatures below -10 C.  We will contact you and ensure we come at a pre-arranged time that suits your schedule and needs.

Why should I use your Commercial grade LED lights? The retail stores have cheaper ones!
All the lights sold and used by Superior Holiday Lighting are commercial grade LED lights that utilize Canadian code-conforming electrical components and are designed for our often extreme weather conditions.  Our lights are made to last, which is why we can offer a 3 year warranty on all lights that we install and take down on the off season.  If any of the lights fail, we are the ones that show up and fix the problem or replace the lights – no hassle for you.

Our C9 and G30 bulbs are individually replaceable for a few dollars a piece after that warranty is over (as opposed to paying to replace an entire strand when a single bulb is out as in most store bought lights). In the long run you will save money.

Our bulbs boast 5 LED’s per bulb as opposed to one per bulb in typical store bought lights.

Our lights look better than store bought!  Our socket line enters the sockets from the side, allowing the lights to hang straighter.  In addition, or socket line is custom cut to your house – no more failing to hide the last several feet of a strand behind a downspout or on the corner of the roof.

So our bulbs are brighter, last longer, look better, are easier and cheaper to replace and are installed by professionals who handle any problems for you!

When should I book my install?

Our calendar fills up extremely quickly. We start estimates and booking in September and recommend that you call for an estimate before mid-October, though we often have some availability into November.

Why should I use your service?

We have have the knowledge, the experience, the customer care, the products, and the insurance to ensure your Christmas Lighting ambitions are achieved professionally, quickly, safely and with no hassle to you, our client.

Let us take this yearly chore off of your hands and keep you out of the cold and off of ladders and icy roofs and free your time during this already hectic season.

What about the other guys?

Over the years we have seen several ‘other guys’ come and go from the Christmas Lighting business within a season or two.  We have been serving our customers for almost a decade and will continue to do so far into the future.

We are not part-timers trying to fill our winter months for our other main business.  We are also not an unlicensed, uninsured fly-by-night operation on an online classified site.  We are professionals.

Will you hang my old Christmas Lights?

Sorry we cannot do that.  Here’s why: we used to.  But over the years we have seen many fire hazards and even more poor quality lights that cannot be installed to our standards.  To ensure compliance with insurance requirements and to ensure that you will be satisfied with your lights and that we are proud to attach our name to the work, we cannot install lights that are not purchased from us.
What payment methods do you accept?

We accept VISA, Mastercard, e-transfers, cash and cheque payable to Superior Holiday Lighting.

The balance of the payment is due upon completion of the install. All outstanding balances after 30 days will be billed a 2% fee per month the account remains delinquent. All cheques returned NSF will be subject to a $50 NSF fee.

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