Our pricing is calculated differently for buildings and trees and both are broken down into two categories: Labour and materials.

Residential & Commercial Buildings


First 100 linear feet: $214

$2 Per Linear

*On rare occasions a request requires unique equipment, techniques or labor requirements and may involve an appropriate additional charge.  We will always be up front about such charges during the estimate process.

The lights we supply are professional grade.  As such they cost a bit more up front than store-bought lights, but in the long run are cheaper.

We warranty our lights for 3 years as long as we take them down between seasons (summer weather does not agree with Christmas lights!) Our lights as a whole last several more years than this.  After year 3, we typically only replace a few bulbs per year for a few dollars a piece.   In the long run, our lights are much much cheaper than continuously replacing dull or broken strands each year.

  • C9 standard lights: $3.10 per foot
  • G30 lights: $3.60 per foot
  • C9 specialty: $4 per foot
  • Extension cord: $1 per foot
  • Clips and other misc items: $6 per 25’



Tree installation is unique to every tree.  The cost varies based on the size, type, density, location, obstructions, lights chosen, equipment access and a number of other factors.  Because of this, we estimate trees on an individual basis.

An average tree costs $350-$500 in labor and boom lift costs.  Smaller trees that require no lift will be significantly less and some of the largest trees or those with other complications would be more.


  • C6 string lights for trees: $30 per 25’ strand
  • C9 string lights for trees: $28 per 16.5’ strand


Garland, pillar, and railing wraps: $ 0.60 per foot of lights

We can always provide you an estimate on any unique lighting ideas you have.

Light Removal & Storage

Removal at end of season is 33% of installation cost.

Off Season Storage: $65 per bin of 200-250 linear feet of lights

Have anything else you want brightened for the holidays?  We are always ready to work with you for a price on unique lighting ideas!