Superior Holiday Lighting will come to your house or business and provide you with a no-obligation, free estimate on the cost of supplying, installing, and removing your holiday lights.  We can even store your decorations for you for the rest of the year.

Think back to when you were a kid: your whole street would be buzzing with Christmas activity and you and your family would have the enjoyment of a Christmas display that you designed. You, your family, and your neighbours can experience that feeling again, but without the hassle and risk of climbing up and down a ladder to hang Christmas lights in the cold. Our products can get you there and allow you to showcase your family or businesses taste and style.

The Bulbs

Christmas lights come in several vibrant colors and sizes.  For most building applications, we recommend C9 or G30 Bulbs.  Both of these bulbs have 5 LED’s per bulb, compared with 1 LED as sold in local stores making the bulbs brighter while maintaining the high efficiency of a LED.

C9 Bulbs are the traditional strawberry shaped, faceted Christmas bulb.  (insert picture)

G30 Bulbs are a globe shaped, smooth finish bulb.  They are four times brighter than traditional

C9’s but do not use any additional power: the bulb shape acts as a magnifier. (insert picture)

Our lights come in the following colors:

  • Cool White
  • Warm White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Teal
  • Cool White Twinkle Bulbs (C9 Only)
  • Warm White Twinkle Bulbs (C9 Only)
  • Color-changing bulbs (C9 Only)

The Line

The line is the wiring that holds and displays the bulbs.  Our line comes in white, black, brown or traditional green in order to suite your taste or to blend with your soffit and fascia.

In addition, we can match all of our line with same color extension cord to match downspout and gutters as well as to provide a uniform appearance to your lighting design.

Our line is also custom cut to the exact length of the job.  No more struggle to hide several feet of unused lights.

Tree Lights

The biggest mistake that we see DIY’ers making is using tree lights on buildings, and building lights on trees.  Christmas lights on a tree are an entirely different application and therefore require an entirely different type of light.

Trees require strands of lights with a one-piece bulb design.  Screw in bulbs often become unscrewed from movement against branches and needles causing ‘house’ lights to have lighting gaps.

Trees also require a tighter bulb spacing than building lights in order to fill in the gaps in the branches so the tree lighting appears full.  Because the bulbs are more plentiful and closer together, trees do not require bulbs containing multiple LED’s in order to achieve adequate brightness.

When decorating trees, we use several different bulb sizes in accordance with the type of tree, size of tree, and the look the client desires.  The three sizes we most commonly use are the C6, C7, and C9 bulbs.



Our clips are high quality plastic that pressure mounts to the aluminum soffit and fascia on your house, meaning there is no damage to your home when we hang the lights – no screws or staples needed.

We mount our lights on the underside of the soffit, facing down. This is done for three reasons: It is a less conspicuous location for the line to hide and therefore more visually pleasing.  Wind, snow, and other items are much less likely to knock the lights out or off…and LED lights do not produce enough heat to melt snow and therefore if they are placed on the gutter, many of the bulbs will be knocked off or covered in snow during the lighting season.

We have a variety of other hanging hardware to meet the needs of homes and businesses that do not use standard aluminum soffit and fascia.


We offer a variety of mechanical and digital timers as well as outdoor extension cords and power splitters to meet your lighting needs.

Wreaths, Garland, and Commercial Grade Artificial Trees

Wreaths are available in 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, and 6’ diameter.  They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and can be unlit or lit with a multitude of lighting options.  We can also decorate wreaths with a multitude of Christmas ornaments.


Superior Holiday Lighting prides itself on customer service and wants to ensure your holiday lighting display is completely hassle free. Our service does not end once your lights are installed. Superior Holiday Lighting warranties its products and workmanship.

Workmanship Warranty: Should any light strand or decoration purchased from Superior Holiday Lighting become disconnected from the time it is installed through to Christmas, we will re-visit your residence or business and remedy the problem free of charge.

Products Seasonal Warranty: In the event that a light strand fails or a bulb burns out, we will replace the strand or bulb free of charge for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase, provided Superior Holiday Lighting removed the lights/decorations between holiday seasons. This warranty only applies to products installed and removed by Superior Holiday Lighting.

Please note that Superior Holiday Lighting cannot and will not warranty products or workmanship relating to the installation or removal of lights/decorations not purchased from our company.  We do not install lights purchased from other retailers, but we do occasionally do repairs of other lights and install décor that we have not provided. For a number of reasons, products purchased from other retailers may not stay in place or fail sooner than the high quality products purchased from Superior Holiday Lighting.

Clips: We will make every effort to recover clips at the end of the season to reuse the next year, however due to the nature of the plastic clips, some break or are lost and may need to be replaced the following year at minimal cost.

Regina: (306) 551-4357 Saskatoon: (306) 500-6217